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Swift Debugger and REPL

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Welcome to the Swift Debugger and REPL!

Swift is a new, high performance systems programming language. It has a clean and modern syntax, offers seamless access to existing C and Objective-C code and frameworks, and is memory safe (by default).

This repository covers the Swift Debugger and REPL support, built on top of the LLDB Debugger.

Building LLDB for Swift

To build LLDB for Swift, you must have the following prerequisites installed on your development system:

  • OS X Requirements

  • Linux x86_64 (Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 15.10)

    • Clang 3.5 or later.

    • Cmake (version or later)

    • Python 2.7

Once the pre-requisites are satisfied, follow these steps from a bash-like shell:

mkdir myswift
cd myswift
git clone lldb
lldb/scripts/ --test

The lldb build script will clone additional repositories for required dependencies if they are not already present. An optional --update argument can be used to refresh these required repositories. Products of the build process will be placed in the build/ directory under the root source directory.

Inter-project Directory Layout

LLDB for Swift introduces new dependencies that do not exist with core LLDB. In particular, LLDB for Swift makes extensive use of the Swift codebase.

Each one of the directories listed below underneath the overall source_root are backed by a repository:

+-- clang/
+-- cmark/
+-- lldb/
+-- llvm/
+-- ninja/
+-- swift/

Details on the contents:

  • clang

    Contains the stable version of Clang used by Swift.

  • cmark

    Contains markdown support used by Swift.

  • lldb

    Contains the LLDB source that includes Swift support. All of LLDB for Swift is contained in this repository. Core LLDB contents are merged into this repository. No other copy of LLDB source code is required.

  • llvm

    Contains the stable version of LLVM used by Swift.

  • ninja

    Contains the Ninja build system.

  • swift

    Contains the Swift Language and Swift Runtime code.

Note: If you don't use the script to do the initial clone of the related project repositories, you'll need to manually clone them to the names above:

Contribution Subtleties

The swift-lldb project enhances the core LLDB project developed under the LLVM Project. Swift support in the debugger is added via the existing source-level plugin infrastructure, isolated to files that are newly introduced in the lldb-swift repository.

Files that come from the core LLDB project can be readily identified by their use of the LLVM comment header. As no local changes should be made to any of these files, follow the standard guidance for upstream changes.