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document NIO 2 development in the README (#715)


We're at the moment devloping NIO 2 and we should tell people.


- changed readme
- document how to develop with the latest Xcode


- fixes #771
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@@ -22,6 +22,10 @@ SwiftNIO aims to support all of the platforms where Swift is supported. Currentl
* Ubuntu 14.04+
* macOS 10.12+

#### Swift versions

The latest released SwiftNIO version supports Swift 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2.

### Basic Architecture

The basic building blocks of SwiftNIO are the following 8 types of objects:
@@ -203,30 +207,38 @@ First make sure you have [Docker]( inst

## Developing SwiftNIO

*Note*: This section is only relevant if you would like to develop SwiftNIO yourself. You can ignore the information here if you just want to use SwiftNIO as a SwiftPM package.

For the most part, SwiftNIO development is as straightforward as any other SwiftPM project. With that said, we do have a few processes that are worth understanding before you contribute. For details, please see `` in this repository.

### Prerequisites

SwiftNIO's `master` branch is at the moment developing what will become SwiftNIO 2.0.0 which will be Swift 5-only. That means to develop SwiftNIO at the moment, you will need:

- a recent [Swift 5.0 development snapshot](
- [patch a plist file in your Xcode](

To be able to compile and run SwiftNIO and the integration tests, you need to
have a few prerequisites installed on your system.

#### macOS

- Xcode 9 or newer
- Xcode 10.1 or newer, with at the moment a [small patch]( to plist file inside Xcode.

### Linux

- Swift 4.0 or newer
- Swift 5 development snapshots
- pkg-config
- zlib and its development headers
- netcat (for integration tests only)
- lsof (for integration tests only)
- shasum (for integration tests only)

#### Ubuntu
#### Ubuntu 18.04

# install swift tarball from
apt-get install -y zlib1g-dev netcat-openbsd lsof perl
apt-get install -y git curl libatomic1 libicu60 libxml2 libz-dev pkg-config clang netcat-openbsd lsof perl

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