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README: update requirements (#791)


We still recommend to patch Xcode 10.1 instead of using Xcode 10.2 beta.


Recommend Xcode 10.2 beta + custom toolchain


Happier NIO devs
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@@ -231,7 +231,8 @@ have a few prerequisites installed on your system.

#### macOS

- Xcode 10.1 or newer, with at the moment a [small patch]( to plist file inside Xcode.
- Xcode 10.2 beta or newer (or Xcode 10.1 with at the moment a [small patch]( to plist file inside Xcode)
- A recent Swift 5.0 Development Toolchain from []( To get a good idea of a toolchain version that definitely works, have a look at what [our CI uses]( at the moment. Downloading the version our CI uses should give you pretty good certainty that the version actually works.

### Linux

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