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Initializing HTTPMethod with String picks explicit value over catch a…

…ll RAW(value) (#1329)


When initializing an `HTTPMethod` with a `String` we currently switch over all expected values to pick an explicit value, only to overwrite our found explicit value with a catchall `RAW(value: String)`. This doesn’t make a ton of sense. This went unnoticed because we use the conditional conformance on `RawRepresentable` to be `Equatable`. But `switch`es  don’t use the `Equatable` protocol to match enums. The issue is visible there.


Added a testcase with a switch that fails, if the `.RAW(value: String)` value is used for `”GET”`. Removed the final overwrite in HTTPMethod(rawValue: String). Therefore the test passes.


We can initialize the HTTPMethod with a String and get an explicit value.
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fabianfett authored and Lukasa committed Jan 2, 2020
1 parent 6534927 commit ea5a64978d944567498533a63eb44bf965ba3d45
@@ -1416,6 +1416,5 @@ extension HTTPMethod: RawRepresentable {
self = .RAW(value: rawValue)
self = .RAW(value: rawValue)
@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ extension HTTPTypesTest {
return [
("testConvertToString", testConvertToString),
("testConvertFromString", testConvertFromString),
("testConvertFromStringToExplicitValue", testConvertFromStringToExplicitValue),
@@ -92,5 +92,16 @@ final class HTTPTypesTest: XCTestCase {
XCTAssertEqual(HTTPMethod(rawValue: "SOURCE"), .SOURCE)
XCTAssertEqual(HTTPMethod(rawValue: "SOMETHINGELSE"), HTTPMethod.RAW(value: "SOMETHINGELSE"))

func testConvertFromStringToExplicitValue() {
switch HTTPMethod(rawValue: "GET") {
case .RAW(value: "GET"):
XCTFail("Expected \"GET\" to map to explicit .GET value and not .RAW(value: \"GET\")")
case .GET:
break // everything is awesome
XCTFail("Unexpected case")

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