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Commits on Aug 15, 2019
  1. Remove `cpp_magic.h` import and ancient Clang compatibility hack from…

    gwynne authored and weissi committed Aug 15, 2019
    … `CNIOAtomics.h` (#1111)
    The inclusion of `cpp_magic.h` in `CNIOAtomics.h` is unnecessary and pollutes the namespace of anyone else importing the header. NIO now also requires Swift 5, which itself will not be built with a Clang too old to understand `_Nonnull`. Note: Removing the extra import of cpp-magic.h required moving it to the src/ directory to avoid complaints about its inclusion (or lack thereof) in the module's umbrella header.
Commits on Aug 13, 2019
  1. Rename `BOOL` to `BOOLIFY` (#1107)

    gwynne authored and Lukasa committed Aug 13, 2019
    Prevents conflicts when this header is included in a project using Objective-C.
  2. Remove unused wrapper functions for atomic_flag (#1106)

    gwynne authored and weissi committed Aug 13, 2019
    The `atomic_flag` wrappers (structure, `create` helper, and `destroy` helper) are not referenced from anywhere else in the NIO source tree; they can not be invoked, and appear to serve no purpose. Under sufficiently strict compiler settings, they even cause errors due to the functions lacking prototype declarations.
Commits on Feb 6, 2019
  1. Fix a race condition when remote closes connection after `accept()` b…

    gwynne authored and Lukasa committed Feb 6, 2019
    …ut before `fcntl()` on macOS. (#807)
    A race condition occurs when a socket is closed from the remote end after `accept()` returns it, but before `fcntl(F_SETFL, F_SETNOSIGPIPE)` is invoked. This causes the `fcntl()` call to fail with `EINVAL` ("The socket has been shut down."). This currently triggers an assertion failure. As the race depends on the remote and can be easily demonstrated (using `nmap` is a good way to set it off), the assertion is semantically invalid (`EINVAL` is not programmer error). Additionally, errors reported by `fcntl()` in general are being ignored when not asserted.
    The race is avoided by treating `EINVAL` as a normal error while retaining the existing behavior for all other error cases. Both uses of `fcntl()` to disable `SIGPIPE` now properly report errors.
    `Posix.accept()` and `Posix.socket()` may now potentially throw additional errors. It is no longer possible to crash a debug server by running `nmap` against it.
Commits on Jan 29, 2019
  1. Add cancel notification to RepeatedTask (#783)

    gwynne authored and weissi committed Jan 29, 2019
    * Add cancel notification to RepeatedTask
    When cancelling a RepeatedTask, it is often desirable to
    wait until any still in-progress execution of the task is
    finished - for example, to know when a periodic state save
    is done before shutting down. The current API provides no
    easy way to perform such a wait. With this addition,
    repeating tasks can report completion of a cancellation
    request regardless of in what state the task was in when the
    request was issued.
    A default-nil parameter is added to EventLoop.scheduleRepeatedTask(),
    to which a promise can be provided; the promise will be
    fulfilled at the time of the task's cancellation, plus any
    time required for the task to complete running if it was
    cancelled during execution. The promise is signaled even if
    the cancellation is the result of the task throwing an error.
    A default-nil paramter is also added to RepeatedTask.cancel(),
    to which a second promise can be passed. This promise is
    fulfilled under the same conditions as the first, even if the
    first was not given; neither of the promises is dependent
    upon the other and both are fulfilled at the same time if
    provided. Further calls to cancel() with different promises
    will result in fulfillment of each of those promises as well.
    The observed behavior of RepeatedTask.cancel() now optionally
    includes deterministic knowledge of when the task is no longer
    executing or scheduled to be executed. The API changes are
    designed to be additive in form, but the function signatures
    do change. Source compatibility is maintained; binary
    compatibility is not.
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