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This source file is part of the open source project
Copyright (c) 2014 - 2017 Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors
Licensed under Apache License v2.0 with Runtime Library Exception
See for license information
See for Swift project authors
import Basic
import Utility
/// The supported manifest versions.
public enum ManifestVersion: String, Codable {
case v4 = "4"
case v4_2 = "4_2"
/// The Swift language version to use when parsing the manifest file.
public var swiftLanguageVersion: SwiftLanguageVersion {
switch self {
case .v4: return .v4
case .v4_2: return .v4_2
/// This contains the declarative specification loaded from package manifest
/// files, and the tools for working with the manifest.
public final class Manifest: ObjectIdentifierProtocol, CustomStringConvertible, Codable {
/// The standard filename for the manifest.
public static let filename = basename + ".swift"
/// Returns the manifest at the given package path.
/// Version specific manifest is chosen if present, otherwise path to regular
/// manfiest is returned.
public static func path(
atPackagePath packagePath: AbsolutePath,
fileSystem: FileSystem
) -> AbsolutePath {
for versionSpecificKey in Versioning.currentVersionSpecificKeys {
let versionSpecificPath = packagePath.appending(component: Manifest.basename + versionSpecificKey + ".swift")
if fileSystem.isFile(versionSpecificPath) {
return versionSpecificPath
return packagePath.appending(component: filename)
/// The standard basename for the manifest.
public static let basename = "Package"
/// The path of the manifest file.
// FIXME: This doesn't belong here, we want the Manifest to be purely tied
// to the repository state, it shouldn't matter where it is.
public let path: AbsolutePath
/// The repository URL the manifest was loaded from.
// FIXME: This doesn't belong here, we want the Manifest to be purely tied
// to the repository state, it shouldn't matter where it is.
public let url: String
/// The version this package was loaded from, if known.
public let version: Version?
/// The version of manifest.
public let manifestVersion: ManifestVersion
/// The name of the package.
public let name: String
/// The declared package dependencies.
public let dependencies: [PackageDependencyDescription]
/// The targets declared in the manifest.
public let targets: [TargetDescription]
/// The products declared in the manifest.
public let products: [ProductDescription]
/// The C language standard flag.
public let cLanguageStandard: String?
/// The C++ language standard flag.
public let cxxLanguageStandard: String?
/// The supported Swift language versions of the package.
public let swiftLanguageVersions: [SwiftLanguageVersion]?
/// The pkg-config name of a system package.
public let pkgConfig: String?
/// The system package providers of a system package.
public let providers: [SystemPackageProviderDescription]?
public init(
name: String,
path: AbsolutePath,
url: String,
version: Utility.Version? = nil,
manifestVersion: ManifestVersion,
pkgConfig: String? = nil,
providers: [SystemPackageProviderDescription]? = nil,
cLanguageStandard: String? = nil,
cxxLanguageStandard: String? = nil,
swiftLanguageVersions: [SwiftLanguageVersion]? = nil,
dependencies: [PackageDependencyDescription] = [],
products: [ProductDescription] = [],
targets: [TargetDescription] = []
) { = name
self.path = path
self.url = url
self.version = version
self.manifestVersion = manifestVersion
self.pkgConfig = pkgConfig
self.providers = providers
self.cLanguageStandard = cLanguageStandard
self.cxxLanguageStandard = cxxLanguageStandard
self.swiftLanguageVersions = swiftLanguageVersions
self.dependencies = dependencies
self.products = products
self.targets = targets
public var description: String {
return "<Manifest: \(name)>"
/// Coding user info key for dump-package command.
/// Presence of this key will hide some keys when encoding the Manifest object.
public static let dumpPackageKey: CodingUserInfoKey = CodingUserInfoKey(rawValue: "dumpPackage")!
extension Manifest {
public func encode(to encoder: Encoder) throws {
var container = encoder.container(keyedBy: CodingKeys.self)
try container.encode(name, forKey: .name)
// Hide the keys that users shouldn't see when
// we're encoding for the dump-package command.
if encoder.userInfo[Manifest.dumpPackageKey] == nil {
try container.encode(path, forKey: .path)
try container.encode(url, forKey: .url)
try container.encode(version, forKey: .version)
try container.encode(manifestVersion, forKey: .manifestVersion)
try container.encode(pkgConfig, forKey: .pkgConfig)
try container.encode(providers, forKey: .providers)
try container.encode(cLanguageStandard, forKey: .cLanguageStandard)
try container.encode(cxxLanguageStandard, forKey: .cxxLanguageStandard)
try container.encode(swiftLanguageVersions, forKey: .swiftLanguageVersions)
try container.encode(dependencies, forKey: .dependencies)
try container.encode(products, forKey: .products)
try container.encode(targets, forKey: .targets)
/// The description of an individual target.
public struct TargetDescription: Equatable, Codable {
/// The target type.
public enum TargetType: String, Equatable, Codable {
case regular
case test
case system
/// Represents a target's dependency on another entity.
public enum Dependency: Equatable, ExpressibleByStringLiteral {
case target(name: String)
case product(name: String, package: String?)
case byName(name: String)
public init(stringLiteral value: String) {
self = .byName(name: value)
public static func product(name: String) -> Dependency {
return .product(name: name, package: nil)
/// The name of the target.
public let name: String
/// The custom path of the target.
public let path: String?
/// The custom sources of the target.
public let sources: [String]?
/// The exclude patterns.
public let exclude: [String]
/// Returns true if the target type is test.
// FIXME: Kill this.
public var isTest: Bool {
return type == .test
/// The declared target dependencies.
public let dependencies: [Dependency]
/// The custom public headers path.
public let publicHeadersPath: String?
/// The type of target.
public let type: TargetType
/// The pkg-config name of a system library target.
public let pkgConfig: String?
/// The providers of a system library target.
public let providers: [SystemPackageProviderDescription]?
public init(
name: String,
dependencies: [Dependency] = [],
path: String? = nil,
exclude: [String] = [],
sources: [String]? = nil,
publicHeadersPath: String? = nil,
type: TargetType = .regular,
pkgConfig: String? = nil,
providers: [SystemPackageProviderDescription]? = nil
) {
switch type {
case .regular, .test:
precondition(pkgConfig == nil && providers == nil)
case .system: break
} = name
self.dependencies = dependencies
self.path = path
self.publicHeadersPath = publicHeadersPath
self.sources = sources
self.exclude = exclude
self.type = type
self.pkgConfig = pkgConfig
self.providers = providers
/// The product description
public struct ProductDescription: Equatable, Codable {
/// The name of the product.
public let name: String
/// The targets in the product.
public let targets: [String]
/// The type of product.
public let type: ProductType
public init(
name: String,
type: ProductType,
targets: [String]
) {
precondition(type != .test, "Declaring test products isn't supported: \(name):\(targets)") = name
self.type = type
self.targets = targets
/// Represents system package providers.
public enum SystemPackageProviderDescription: Equatable {
case brew([String])
case apt([String])
/// Represents a package dependency.
public struct PackageDependencyDescription: Equatable, Codable {
/// The dependency requirement.
public enum Requirement: Equatable {
case exact(Version)
case range(Range<Version>)
case revision(String)
case branch(String)
case localPackage
public static func upToNextMajor(from version: Utility.Version) -> Requirement {
return .range(version..<Version(version.major + 1, 0, 0))
public static func upToNextMinor(from version: Utility.Version) -> Requirement {
return .range(version..<Version(version.major, version.minor + 1, 0))
/// The url of the dependency.
public let url: String
/// The dependency requirement.
public let requirement: Requirement
/// Create a dependency.
public init(url: String, requirement: Requirement) {
self.url = url
self.requirement = requirement