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Remove release notes about `.swift-version`.

Podspec was updated to use the newer support to list multiple supported
versions instead.
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thomasvl committed Jul 18, 2019
1 parent e60add2 commit 4d73ffe22a0db6d221a8cd4de3f1cfdf04a549a3
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@@ -50,16 +50,6 @@ When doing a release:

1. Publish the CocoaPod

_Note:_ The `pod` binary is currently pushing the use of the `.swift-version` file to control
how a spec is checked for `spec lint` and `trunk push`. But the file isn't well documented and
there has been some questions around that net that seem to imply people interpret this as the
"version of Swift the pod supports". Since SwiftProtobuf supports multiple versions, a
`.swift-version` file currently isn't included. So you want the `spec lint` to pass with only
the warning about the file. And when doing the `trunk push` you'll want to include
`--allow-warnings` to let the push happen despite the warning. Even if you use
`--swift-version=#` to either commend, the `pod` binary still produces the warning, so it
doesn't work to avoid the warning.

1. Do a final sanity check that CocoaPods is happy with the release you just made, in the project

@@ -80,14 +70,11 @@ When doing a release:
1. Publish the pod:

$ pod trunk push [--allow-warnings] SwiftProtobuf.podspec
$ pod trunk push SwiftProtobuf.podspec

_Note:_ This uses that local copy of the podspec.

See the _Note_ at the start of this section about `.swift-version` and why you might
need `--allow-warnings`.

1. Bump the version on _master_

To help tell if someone is using _master_ before it has been cut as a release, go ahead and

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