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Mention the "." operator lexer change, mention that anyGenerator is now

deprecated for swift 2.2 but will be removed for swift 3.
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Chris Lattner
Chris Lattner committed Dec 21, 2015
1 parent 7280506 commit d0256a50d0346f7d4b4c0054dddd0734febc6bb1
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* The operator identifier lexer grammar has been revised to simplify the rules
for operators that start with a dot ("."). The new rule is that an operator
that starts with a dot may contain other dots in it, but operators that start
with some other character may not contain dots. For example: --> "x" "...." "foo"
x&%^.foo --> "x" "&%^" ".foo"

This eliminates a special case for the ..< operator, folding it into a simple
and consistent rule.

* The "C-style for loop", which is spelled `for init; comparison; increment {}`
has been deprecated and is slated for removal in Swift 3.0. See
@@ -37,7 +48,8 @@ Latest
* `ArraySlice.removeFirst()` now preserves element indices.

* Global `anyGenerator()` functions have been changed into initializers on
`AnyGenerator`, making the API more intuitive and idiomatic.
`AnyGenerator`, making the API more intuitive and idiomatic. They have been
deprecated in Swift 2.2, and will be removed in Swift 3.

* Closures appearing inside generic types and generic methods can now be
converted to C function pointers as long as no generic type parameters

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