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[SR-5581] Proper support for protocol 'where' clause with constraints on 'Self' #48153

swift-ci opened this issue Jul 30, 2017 · 5 comments
bug A deviation from expected or documented behavior. Also: expected but undesirable behavior. compiler The Swift compiler in itself


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Previous ID SR-5581
Radar rdar://problem/38077232
Original Reporter rayfix (JIRA User)
Type Bug
Status Resolved
Resolution Done

Xcode Version 9.0 beta 4 (9M189t), Playground, MacBook Pro 10.12.6

Additional Detail from JIRA
Votes 1
Component/s Compiler
Labels Bug
Assignee @slavapestov
Priority Medium

md5: 765079ddd3f018ba4c61239ed7475537

is duplicated by:

  • SR-8595 Protocol extension on protocol with subclass where restriction doesn't apply : class semantics
  • SR-8596 Existential of protocol with subclass where restriction is not substitutable
  • SR-8676 Swift compiler doesn't infer "class only protocol" from generic where clause
  • SR-8730 Illegal instruction: 4; While emitting SIL for getter
  • SR-8815 Adding protocol restriction causes crash
  • SR-9275 Crash when calling init on a protocol's metatype where the protocol is constrained to a type
  • SR-9477 Dynamic-stack-buffer-overflow caused by where clause on protocol
  • SR-7331 Diagnose protocol 'where' clause with constraints on 'Self'

Issue Description:

The following code fails to compile in a swift playground:

protocol Toggling where Self: Equatable {
  static var all: [Self] { get }
  func toggled() -> Self
extension Toggling {
  func toggled() -> Self {
    let current = Self.all.index(of: self) ?? 0
    let next = (current + 1) % Self.all.count
    return Self.all[next]

Changing to simple conformance makes it work:

protocol Toggling : Equatable { .... }

The two should be equivalent.

Also, putting the constraint of Self: Equatable on the protocol extension (and removing it from the protocol declaration) also makes it work.

Having the Self requirement on both the protocol definition and extension correctly identifies that the constraint is redundant but also fails to compile.

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Minimal test case:

protocol P {}
protocol Q where Self : P {}

func f<T : P>(_: T) {}
func g<T : Q>(t: T) { f(t) }

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cc @huonw

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Module::lookupConformance() calls ProtocolDecl::inheritsFrom() which calls NominalTypeDecl::getLocalConformances(), which doesn't know how to check the where clause or requirement signature, it just looks at the inheritance clause.

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Done: #17851

If this turns into a source compat issue, we can hack compatibility in. But for now let's go with the simple fix.

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Update: on swift-5.0-branch and master, this no longer diagnoses and instead is fully supported

@swift-ci swift-ci transferred this issue from apple/swift-issues Apr 25, 2022
This issue was closed.
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bug A deviation from expected or documented behavior. Also: expected but undesirable behavior. compiler The Swift compiler in itself
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