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[SR-9116] Windows Support #51613

compnerd opened this issue Oct 29, 2018 · 1 comment

[SR-9116] Windows Support #51613

compnerd opened this issue Oct 29, 2018 · 1 comment


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@compnerd compnerd commented Oct 29, 2018

Previous ID SR-9116
Radar None
Original Reporter @compnerd
Type New Feature
Status Closed
Resolution Done
Additional Detail from JIRA
Votes 3
Component/s Compiler, Project Infrastructure, Source Tooling, Standard Library
Labels New Feature, Windows
Assignee @compnerd
Priority Medium

md5: 44b610c967aa73106a8c9bd1ed6fe3f6


  • SR-9117 LinkOnceODR functions need to be COMDAT'ed
  • SR-9118 Need to be able to cross-compile swift-corelibs-foundation
  • SR-9119 tentative definitions in CoreFoundation break CFString
  • SR-9120 libdispatch needs to be made LLP64 clean
  • SR-9121 Guard BSD specific portions of libdispatch SDK overlay
  • SR-9122 remove /usr/include from search path for libdispatch builds
  • SR-9123 split the SDK overlay for libdispatch
  • SR-9124 dispatch stubs need to be shared
  • SR-9125 Value Witness Table handling for Windows
  • SR-9127 split tools and runtime build
  • SR-9128 generalize SwiftPthread support
  • SR-9131 enable the unified builds to enable building lldb for windows
  • SR-9132 correct clang handling for {{attribute((ext_vector))}}
  • SR-9140 correct static linking for swiftMarkup
  • SR-9141 lldb builds fail for Windows
  • SR-9142 lldbTarget does not use the right reflection library for Windows
  • SR-9143 swiftReflection for the host is built with just built compiler
  • SR-9149 setup lit for Windows tests
  • SR-9157 VWT need to emitted globally for PE/COFF
  • SR-9158 CoreFoundation needs to be cleaned up for Windows
  • SR-9161 fix up test suite for Windows
  • SR-9177 Provide UnknownObject VWT on all targets
  • SR-9186 honour linker option for swift builds in libdispatch
  • SR-9187 explicitly link to libBlocksRuntime for Windows in libdispatch
  • SR-9234 fix BlockLayout for LLP64
  • SR-9285 adjust LLVMSupport for Windows Linking
  • SR-9286 provide additional test stubs
  • SR-9293 install import libraries for libdispatch
  • SR-9294 install dll to the right location
  • SR-9318 adjust malloc and free for alignment
  • SR-9319 avoid use-after-move in optimization remark writing
  • SR-9320 fix replacement tracking on windows
  • SR-9342 port pthread to windows threading
  • SR-9343 port corefoundation to windows
  • SR-9344 swift-reflection-test does not link against the right files
  • SR-9354 use after free in SILOptimizer (Definite Initializer) Pass
  • SR-9355 type desugared diagnostics fail
  • SR-9366 disable weak linking on COFF
  • SR-9383 bridge BOOL to bool
  • SR-9390 isPodLike returns incorrect result on Windows
  • SR-9409 add APINotes for _setjmp
  • SR-9418 fix the static library naming for Windows
  • SR-9459 implement PE parsing in ReflectionContext.h
  • SR-9521 port SwiftPrivateLibcExtras to Windows
  • SR-9522 port StdlibUnittest to Windows
  • SR-9525 implement TaskQueue for Windows
  • SR-9529 make command line accessible on Windows
  • SR-9536 UnsafeMutableRawPointer invokes the wrong free function
  • SR-9568 replace arc4random usage with random in Prototypes.BigInt
  • SR-9613 property descriptors are not exported on Windows
  • SR-9650 expose objc_returnAutoreleasedReturnValue on Windows
  • SR-9652 foreign type metadata references VWT directly breaking Windows
  • SR-9659 protocol witness table chaining directly references parent type across modules breaking on Windows
  • SR-9745 clang-cl from swift does not support /JMC (breaks builds on Windows)
  • SR-9811 ClangImporter preserves too much sugar
  • SR-9824 determine source of non-determinism in SILGen
  • SR-9832 default valued argument thunks are emitted with strong linkage and weak linkage multiply
  • SR-9765 Build fails on Windows amd64
  • SR-9644 GYB errors on Windows due to path normalization
  • SR-9942 mismatch between C++/swift swift_swiftValueConformsTo
  • SR-9974 Block copy/destroy helper is multiply defined on PE/COFF
  • SR-9995 Figure out how to properly handle /MT{,d} and /MD{,d}
  • SR-10143 XCTest is needed to get the Foundation tests on Windows
  • SR-10192 value witness(es) for {get,store}SingleEnumTagPayload are emitted without COMDAT in some cases

is blocked by:

  • SR-10034 test_outerWaiterTimesOut_InnerWaitersAreInterrupted fails non-deterministically

Issue Description:

This tracks the issues needed to build libdispatch and swift-corelibs-foundation for Windows.

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@gottesmm gottesmm commented Oct 29, 2018

Saleem, can you post here a list of the remaining items/PRs that need to land. It would be really useful for me to know where things are and help communicate this information to others.

@swift-ci swift-ci transferred this issue from apple/swift-issues Apr 25, 2022
This issue was closed.
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