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[SR-13659] Retroactive derivative registration #53959

dan-zheng opened this issue Oct 2, 2019 · 0 comments

[SR-13659] Retroactive derivative registration #53959

dan-zheng opened this issue Oct 2, 2019 · 0 comments


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dan-zheng commented Oct 2, 2019

Previous ID SR-13659
Radar None
Original Reporter @dan-zheng
Type Bug
Additional Detail from JIRA
Votes 0
Labels Bug
Assignee @marcrasi
Priority Medium

md5: e2357f504e2da828a1cddd63fe03e829


  • SR-13660 SIL: differentiability witness data structure, parsing and serialization
  • SR-13661 Sema: lift "same-file-only derivative registration" limitation
  • SR-13662 SILGen: generate differentiability witnesses from @differentiable/@differentiating attributes
  • SR-13663 IRGen: lower differentiability witness
  • SR-13664 Add differentiability_witness_function instruction
  • SR-13665 IRGen: lower differentiability_witness_function instruction
  • SR-13666 Differentiation: revamp transform to generate differentiability witnesses
  • SR-13667 Differentiation: revamp transform to generate differentiability witness function instructions
  • SR-13668 SILOptimizer: devirtualize differentiability_witness_function instructions
  • SR-13669 Differentiation: revamp transform to directly canonicalize differentiability witnesses
  • SR-13670 Sema/SILGen: lower @derivative attribute directly to SIL differentiability witnesses
  • SR-13671 Sema: default @differentiable attribute's derivative generic signature to the original declaration's generic signature
  • SR-13672 SIL: remove SILDifferentiableAttr
  • SR-13673 Separate registered derivatives from the standard library
  • SR-13674 Use @derivative in stdlib instead of @differentiable(jvp:vjp:)
  • SR-13675 Use @derivative in tensorflow/swift-apis instead of @differentiable(vjp:)
  • SR-13676 Remove '@differentiable' attribute 'jvp:' and 'vjp:' arguments
  • SR-13677 diagnose when jvp and vjp have differing access levels
  • SR-13678 Investigate low-hanging differentiability witness compile time improvements
  • SR-13679 Miscellaneous todos
  • SR-13680 figure out correct linkage for all ad symbols
  • SR-13681 make sil_differentiability_witness more opaque
  • SR-13682 incorrect (?) "function not differentiable" error
  • SR-13683 multiple internal derivatives of the same function cause symbol redefinition linker error
  • SR-13684 sema forbids private derivatives in different scopes
  • SR-13685 diagnose duplicate derivatives for derivatives defined in other modules
  • SR-13686 @derivative attribute SILGen crash for foreign original declaration
  • SR-13687 Remove -Xfrontend -enable-experimental-cross-file-derivative-registration flag
  • SR-13688 Require @derivative functions to have same access level as original declaration
  • SR-13689 derivative of @_alwaysEmitIntoClient function
  • SR-13690 test/AutoDiff/downstream/cross_module_derivative_attr_e2e.swift fails in optimized mode
  • SR-13691 remove "jvp:" and "vjp:" arguments from "@differentiable" decl attribute


  • TF-911 Upstream SILDifferentiabilityWitness: definition, parsing, printing

is duplicated by:

  • TF-136 Retroactive differentiability
  • TF-280 Enable cross-file/cross-module differentiability

Issue Description:

Retroactive derivative registration: register derivatives for functions in other modules.


  • If module A defines func foo, then its derivatives must be in the same module.

With retroactive derivative registration:

  • If module A defines func foo;

  • And if module B imports module A and defines @derivative(of: foo) func derivativeFoo:

  • Then module C can import modules A and B and differentiate func foo (e.g. via differentiation APIs).

Retroactive derivative registration enables the following:

  • Defining derivatives in a separate module from original functions. This enables modularity: libraries like swift-numerics can define a separate "derivatives" module.

  • Derivative registration for imported C functions. Early demo here.

@swift-ci swift-ci transferred this issue from apple/swift-issues Apr 25, 2022
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