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#if targetEnvironment(simulator) #12964

merged 4 commits into from Nov 29, 2017
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Just for now

[Parse] Add fixit for targetEnvironment(simulator)

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graydon committed Nov 16, 2017
commit d31bad45b8c8bdc866f3d9db4aae102144c6ef27
@@ -1503,6 +1503,9 @@ ERROR(empty_version_string,none,
"unknown %0 for build configuration '%1'",
(StringRef, StringRef))
"plaform condition appears to be testing for simulator environment",

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DougGregor Nov 17, 2017


Could you tack on "; use 'targetEnvironment(simulator)' instead" ? That way, one doesn't have to look at the contents of the Fix-It to see what the fix is.


// Availability query parsing diagnostics
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@@ -547,8 +547,97 @@ static bool isVersionIfConfigCondition(Expr *Condition) {
return IsVersionIfConfigCondition().visit(Condition);

/// Get the identifier string from an \c Expr if it's an
/// \c UnresolvedDeclRefExpr, otherwise the empty string.
static StringRef getDeclRefStr(Expr *E) {
if (auto *UDRE = cast<UnresolvedDeclRefExpr>(E)) {

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compnerd Nov 29, 2017


Am I just mistaken, or shouldn't this be a dyn_cast? cast implies that this must succeed and will abort if the expression type is not a UnresolvedDeclRefExpr.

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graydon Nov 29, 2017


Oh, yes, this is a typo, thanks! Will fix tomorrow.

return UDRE->getName().getBaseIdentifier().str();
return "";

static bool isPlatformConditionDisjunction(Expr *E, PlatformConditionKind Kind,
ArrayRef<StringRef> Vals) {
if (auto *Or = dyn_cast<BinaryExpr>(E)) {
if (getDeclRefStr(Or->getFn()) == "||") {
auto Args = Or->getArg()->getElements();
return (isPlatformConditionDisjunction(Args[0], Kind, Vals) &&
isPlatformConditionDisjunction(Args[1], Kind, Vals));
} else if (auto *P = dyn_cast<ParenExpr>(E)) {
return isPlatformConditionDisjunction(P->getSubExpr(), Kind, Vals);
} else if (auto *C = dyn_cast<CallExpr>(E)) {
if (getPlatformConditionKind(getDeclRefStr(C->getFn())) != Kind)
return false;
if (auto *ArgP = dyn_cast<ParenExpr>(C->getArg())) {
if (auto *Arg = ArgP->getSubExpr()) {
auto ArgStr = getDeclRefStr(Arg);
for (auto V : Vals) {
if (ArgStr == V)
return true;
return false;

// Search for the first occurrence of a _likely_ (but not definite) implicit
// simulator-environment platform condition, or negation thereof. This is
// defined as any logical conjunction of one or more os() platform conditions
// _strictly_ from the set {iOS, tvOS, watchOS} and one or more arch() platform
// conditions _strictly_ from the set {i386, x86_64}.
// These are (at the time of writing) defined as de-facto simulators in
// Platform.cpp, and if a user is testing them they're _likely_ looking for
// simulator-ness indirectly. If there is anything else in the condition aside
// from these conditions (or the negation of such a conjunction), we
// conservatively assume the user is testing something other than
// simulator-ness.
static Expr *findAnyLikelySimulatorEnvironmentTest(Expr *Condition) {

if (!Condition)
return nullptr;

if (auto *N = dyn_cast<PrefixUnaryExpr>(Condition)) {
return findAnyLikelySimulatorEnvironmentTest(N->getArg());
} else if (auto *P = dyn_cast<ParenExpr>(Condition)) {
return findAnyLikelySimulatorEnvironmentTest(P->getSubExpr());

// We assume the user is writing the condition in CNF -- say (os(iOS) ||
// os(tvOS)) && (arch(i386) || arch(x86_64)) -- rather than DNF, as the former
// is exponentially more terse, and these conditions are already quite
// unwieldy. If field evidence shows people using other variants, possibly add
// them here.

auto isSimulatorPlatformOSTest = [](Expr *E) -> bool {
return isPlatformConditionDisjunction(
E, PlatformConditionKind::OS, {"iOS", "tvOS", "watchOS"});

auto isSimulatorPlatformArchTest = [](Expr *E) -> bool {
return isPlatformConditionDisjunction(
E, PlatformConditionKind::Arch, {"i386", "x86_64"});

if (auto *And = dyn_cast<BinaryExpr>(Condition)) {
if (getDeclRefStr(And->getFn()) == "&&") {
auto Args = And->getArg()->getElements();
if ((isSimulatorPlatformOSTest(Args[0]) &&
isSimulatorPlatformArchTest(Args[1])) ||
(isSimulatorPlatformOSTest(Args[1]) &&
isSimulatorPlatformArchTest(Args[0]))) {
return And;
return nullptr;

} // end anonymous namespace

/// Parse and populate a #if ... #endif directive.
/// Delegate callback function to parse elements in the blocks.
ParserResult<IfConfigDecl> Parser::parseIfConfig(
@@ -597,6 +686,13 @@ ParserResult<IfConfigDecl> Parser::parseIfConfig(

if (Expr *Test = findAnyLikelySimulatorEnvironmentTest(Condition)) {

// Parse elements
SmallVector<ASTNode, 16> Elements;
if (isActive || !isVersionCondition) {
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
// RUN: %swift -typecheck %s -verify -target x86_64-apple-ios7.0 -parse-stdlib
// RUN: %swift -typecheck %s -verify -target x86_64-unknown-linux-simulator -parse-stdlib
// RUN: %swift-ide-test -test-input-complete -source-filename=%s -target x86_64-apple-ios7.0
// RUN: %swift -swift-version 4 -typecheck %s -verify -target x86_64-apple-ios7.0 -parse-stdlib
// RUN: %swift -swift-version 4 -typecheck %s -verify -target x86_64-unknown-linux-simulator -parse-stdlib
// RUN: %swift-ide-test -swift-version 4 -test-input-complete -source-filename=%s -target x86_64-apple-ios7.0
#if !targetEnvironment(simulator)
// This block should not parse.
@@ -12,3 +12,28 @@ class C {}
var x = C()
var y = x

#if os(iOS) && arch(i386)
// expected-warning @-1 {{plaform condition appears to be testing for simulator environment}} {{5-26=targetEnvironment(simulator)}}
class C1 {}

#if arch(i386) && os(iOS)
// expected-warning @-1 {{plaform condition appears to be testing for simulator environment}} {{5-26=targetEnvironment(simulator)}}
class C2 {}

#if arch(i386) && (os(iOS) || os(watchOS))
// expected-warning @-1 {{plaform condition appears to be testing for simulator environment}} {{5-43=targetEnvironment(simulator)}}
class C3 {}

#if (arch(x86_64) || arch(i386)) && (os(iOS) || os(watchOS) || os(tvOS))
// expected-warning @-1 {{plaform condition appears to be testing for simulator environment}} {{5-73=targetEnvironment(simulator)}}
class C4 {}

#if !(arch(x86_64) && os(tvOS))
// expected-warning @-1 {{plaform condition appears to be testing for simulator environment}} {{7-31=targetEnvironment(simulator)}}
class C5 {}
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