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  • CodeIgniter 2.0.0+
  • PHP 5.2.0+

Install via sparks

$ php tools/spark install -v1.0.4 codeigniter-template


copy file into correct directory.

$ cp config/template.php application/config/
$ cp libraries/template.php application/libraries/

you can reference layout example file (template/layout.php)

Set default template layout and put layout file into application/views directory

$config['template_layout'] = 'template/layout';

Initialize template library


add css path

$this->template->add_css("http://xxxx/index.js", "screen");

add javascript path(put the file on bottom if the second parameter is set true, default is false)

$this->template->add_js("/asset/js/index.js", TRUE);

add meta tag

$this->template->add_meta_tag("og:title", "Test Title", 'property');
// it will output
<meta property="og:title" content="Test Title" />
$this->template->add_meta_tag("keywords", "some keywords");
// it will output
<meta name="keywords" content="some keywords" />

add title segment

// it render output
<title>test | your site title</title>

render output (return output data if the second parameter is set true)



Copyright (C) 2014 Bo-Yi Wu ( appleboy AT gmail.com )