This is a Django integration for Select2
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This is a Django integration of Select2.

The app includes Select2 driven Django Widgets.


Django's admin comes with builtin support for Select2 since version 2.0 via the autocomplete_fields feature.


  1. Install django_select2
pip install django_select2
  1. Add django_select2 to your INSTALLED_APPS in your project settings.
  2. Add django_select to your urlconf if you use any "Auto" fields.
url(r'^select2/', include('django_select2.urls')),


Documentation available at

External Dependencies

  • jQuery version 2 This is not included in the package since it is expected that in most scenarios this would already be available.

Example Application

Please see tests/testapp application. This application is used to manually test the functionalities of this package. This also serves as a good example.


See Github releases