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A Python Sphinx Toolkit written in Java.

Currently the following utilities are available.

Intersphinx Objects.inv encoder-decoder

  • The class EncodeDecodeObjectInv is capable of encoding and decoding objects.inv files. This class has a main() method, so run it to know how to use it.

  • Class Django is specialized to 'fix' Django's objects.inv files. The original ones which can be downloaded from<version>/_objects/ do not have fully qualified references for some classes. Take for example, django.forms.Select. Although this reference is correct, but when using autodoc and show-inheritance option, it will generate the path django.forms.widgets.Select, which is the actual path. Unfortunately Django's provided objects.inv has no reference for django.forms.widgets.Select, resulting in intersphinx unable to link such references.

    This class will go over the known patterns in the original objects.inv and create a new one with all the missing references. Note that, main() of class EncodeDecodeObjectInv exposes this class for the user.

Some special files mentioned:-

  1. django1.4.1.inv - Is the 'fixed' objects.inv file of Django version 1.4.1.
  2. sphinxutil.jar - Is a runnable jar of this util.
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