appleseed is a modern, physically-based production renderer
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About appleseed

appleseed is a modern, open source, physically-based rendering engine designed to produce photorealistic images, animations and visual effects. It provides individuals and small studios with an efficient, reliable suite of tools built on robust foundations and open technologies.

Started in 2009, it has grown into a robust production rendering toolset and has been battle-tested on several projects such as TV documentaries, ads, promotional videos and animation shorts.

appleseed is available under the MIT license.

More information at


Check out our detailed build instructions to build appleseed from source.

Developer and contributor documentation can be found in the wiki.

On the Web


Disney Material Editor

Editing a Scene from Fetch

Selected Works

Light And Dark (BBC 4 Documentary Series)

Light And Dark (BBC 4)

Fetch, a very short film



Interactive lookdev inside

Interactive lookdev inside