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This is a beta release of appleseed-max, an appleseed plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 and later.

This release was built against appleseed 1.8.1-beta.

Interior by Juan Carlos Gutiérrez
(Interior by Juan Carlos Gutiérrez.)

Keep in mind this is beta-quality software and there are a number of known bugs that will be fixed in the next releases of the plugin.

Additional information are available on appleseed's users forum.


  • Added Plastic and Metal materials.
  • Added Blend material to blend up to 10 materials together.
  • Added log window.
  • Treat output amount parameter as exposure for light-emitting environments.
  • Improved Sky map.
  • Fixed bump mapping in Use Max Procedurals mode.
  • Fixed depth of field in ActiveShade mode.
  • Fixed titles on small texture buttons.
  • Changed default Max Ray Intensity value to 1.0 (but it remains disabled by default).


The following are installation instructions for 3ds Max 2017. Replace 2017 by the appropriate value for other versions of 3ds Max.

  1. If you have installed a previous version of the plugin, first uninstall it by deleting the appleseed folder from C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2017\plugins.
  2. Unzip the archive to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2017\plugins.
  3. Launch 3ds Max, go to CustomizeConfigure System Paths...3rd Party Plug-Ins, click Add... and choose the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2017\plugins\appleseed folder.

At this point the plugin should be installed and loaded in 3ds Max. Go to CustomizePlug-in Manager... and check that APPLESEED-MAX2017.DLR is present and loaded.