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Live Roadmap

Updated Feb 22, 2020

Short term roadmap

Mayaseed Documentation

Updated Feb 6, 2019

RTD/Sphinx docs for custom AS shader nodes, replacement for some Maya nodes, supported features and so on.

Integration with some Maya features, geometry control, UI, usability, more.

Asset Browser

Updated Apr 30, 2017

A Maya asset browser, similar to this

  • light rigs
  • IBL setups
  • Material setups
  • OSL shaders
  • MaterialX interchange?

Custom appleseed nodes

Updated Aug 18, 2018

Adding custom appleseed shaders/nodes to Maya. Surface, volume, displacement, light, auxiliary nodes.

Maya color management support

Updated Aug 18, 2018

Maya color management support

Maya hypershade nodes support

Updated Aug 18, 2018

Status of current hypershade nodes support