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appleseed-maya 1.2.0-beta

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@dictoon dictoon released this 30 Oct 22:07
· 62 commits to master since this release

This is a beta release of appleseed-maya, an appleseed plugin for Autodesk® Maya® 2017 and 2018.

This release was built against appleseed 2.0.0-beta.

Keep in mind this is beta-quality software and there are a number of known bugs that will be fixed in the next releases of the plugin.


New Features and Improvements

  • Reorganized the Render Settings user interface.
  • Added support for AOVs.
  • Added adaptive sampling controls and related AOVs (pixel_sample_count_aov, pixel_variation_aov).
  • Added non-photorealistic asToon node and related AOVs (as_npr_shading, as_npr_contour).
  • Added asSbsPbrMaterial node with mappings for textures exported from Substance Painter.
  • Added asManifold2D node.
  • Added support for color and curve ramps.
  • Added support for camera shift and camera shake.
  • Added render stamp controls.
  • Added logging settings.
  • Added Roughness Clamping control.
  • Added a new bump control allowing assignment of different bump maps to different layers in a material.
  • Added a switch to enable experimental Intel® Embree-based intersection kernel for faster ray tracing.
  • Improved performance of nearly all 2D and 3D procedural noises.
  • Enabled full energy compensation in all nodes and hid the parameter (however energy compensation has no effect on the glass BSDF yet, we are still working on it).
  • Added support for output arrays from asAttributes node.
  • Added a special blend mode to the asTriplanar node to blend tangent space normal maps.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed export of objects with motion blur.
  • Fixed auto-instancing.
  • Fixed shading nodes being deleted when their last connection is broken.
  • Fixed keyable attribute being ignored for shading nodes.
  • Fixed Mari's UDIM handling in asTexture node.
  • Fixed batch render file names in Maya 2018.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to set key frames on non-keyable parameters.
  • Updated copyright notice in About dialog.


The plugin is a Maya module.

  1. Uncompress the zip file.

  2. Let Maya know where to find the plugin by choosing one of the following option:

    • Option 1: Add the path to the directory containing the appleseed-maya.mod file to the MAYA_MODULE_PATH environment variable.

    • Option 2: Locate the Maya.env file corresponding to the version of Maya you want to modify (see Setting environment variables using Maya.env for details) and add the following line (make sure to change the path):

  3. Launch Maya and enable the plugin in the Plug-in Manager.