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appleseed 1.1.0 alpha-22

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@dictoon dictoon released this 24 Aug 20:59
· 6385 commits to master since this release


These are the release notes for appleseed 1.1.0 alpha-22.

The following people contributed code for this release (in alphabetical order): Marius Avram, François Beaune, Srinath Ravichandran, Esteban Tovagliari, Zhaotian Wang, Nicholas Yue.

I would particularly like to acknowledge the amazing work done by Esteban, and by our Google Summer of Code students Marius and Srinath. Congrats!


Major Changes

Open Shading Language

We now ship appleseed with OpenShadingLanguage (OSL) support on all platforms, including Windows. We're still missing a few important functionalities such as light emission, but we're getting close to full support. Check out the OSL Support Status page for a more detailed overview of what's supported.

Disney Material

We have added a new multi-layer material based on Disney's principled BRDF model.

Teapot using a multi-layer, expression-driven Disney material:


Curve Rendering (Hair, Fur)

We now support direct rendering of cubic Bézier curves with per-vertex width, without pre-tessellation (GSoC 2014 project).

Fluffy Cornell Box:


Important Changes

  • New microfacet BTDF (rough glass) closure, accessible from OSL.
  • Fixed major bug in specular BTDF.
  • It is now possible to use an image to define the shape of the thin lens camera diaphragm.
  • Multiple assemblies with the exact same geometry will now share a single triangle tree.
  • Bug fix in SPPM Lighting Engine: incorrect illumination scaling when using different numbers of photons for lights and environment.
  • Bug fix in SPPM Lighting Engine: caustics from the environment were missing when IBL was disabled.
  • Bug fix: Max Ray Intensity wasn't honored for secondary rays hitting the environment in Unidirectional Path Tracing engine.
  • Major performance improvements for photon maps with large differences in density, when using the SPPM lighting engine.

OSL shader based on the new microfacet BRDF (rough glass) closure:


Minor Changes

  • Emit a warning if an object instance has alpha transparency on one side but not on the other.
  • Reduced wire thickness in screen-space wireframe diagnostic surface shader.
  • Normalize flux when viewing the photons directly (for debugging) in SPPM lighting engine.
  • Fixed logging of focal distance when thin-lens camera's autofocus cannot find a target.

Major Changes

Disney Material Editor

We have created a powerful, user-friendly material editor for materials based on the Disney multi-layer material. In addition, we support Disney's SeExpr expressions for all inputs (GSoC 2014 project).

In addition, Disney materials can now be exported / imported, allowing to create material libraries and to reuse them in other projects.

Disney Material Editor

Check it out on action:

Disney Material Editor in Action

Minor Changes

  • Added an application icon on Windows.
  • Fixed sporadic crashes when exiting
  • Adjusted step sizes for integer inputs in Render Settings dialog.
  • Allow two decimals for alpha parameter in SPPM radiance estimation settings.
  • Changed Max Ray Intensity step from 0.5 to 0.1 in Render Settings dialog.
  • Fixed styling of radio buttons in
  • Respect user / system settings regarding font sizes in the user interface.
  • In newly created projects, frame resolution is now 1024x576 (quarter 2K, 1.78 aspect ratio) and film dimensions are 10.24mm x 5.76mm.
  • Tweaked default SPPM settings: changed direct lighting method from SPPM to Ray Traced, and increased light and environment photon counts from 100,000 to 1,000,000.
  • Bug fix: the color of object instance items would not always change after assigning materials to the object instances.
  • Textures imported from now default to 'wrap' addressing mode.


  • Improved command line parsing and reporting of errors and warnings.

Other Tools and Miscellaneous Changes

  • New makefluffy tool to grow hair on any appleseed scene.
  • Added a new devkit sample called heightfield that is so fun to play with that we released it as a standalone tool.
  • All appleseed tools can now load built-in projects (e.g. builtin:cornell_box).
  • We no longer ship the old blenderseed exporter. Blenderseed is now being developed independently by Joel Daniels and is hosted in its own appleseedhq repository:
  • Improved the organization of the Linux and OS X packages to better reflect the conventions of these platforms.

Sample works by Thomas Arthus and François Beaune, made with heightfield: