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@dictoon dictoon released this Jan 26, 2015 · 5808 commits to master since this release


These are the release notes for appleseed 1.1.0-beta.

Note: we now switched to plain simple semantic versioning.

The following people contributed code for this release: François Beaune, Esteban Tovagliari.


This is the first release that can be used with Image Engine's Gaffer:


Major Changes

appleseed's internal color pipeline will now remain in pure RGB mode for as long as possible, and will automatically switch to spectral mode when necessary. This results in better color fidelity when using RGB colors only.

Object and assembly instances now support visibility flags:

Visibility Flags Demo

By default, all flags are set, i.e. we have:

<object_instance name="myInstance" object="myObject">
    <parameters name="visibility">
        <parameter name="camera" value="true" />
        <parameter name="light" value="true" />
        <parameter name="shadow" value="true" />
        <parameter name="transparency" value="true" />
        <parameter name="probe" value="true" />
        <parameter name="diffuse" value="true" />
        <parameter name="glossy" value="true" />
        <parameter name="specular" value="true" />

The physical sun light model is now fully functional.

The sampling of microfacet BSDF has been improved. Scenes using those BSDFs will render with less noise with the same number of samples:

Microfacet BTDF

Minor Changes

  • Added Ashikhmin-Shirley and Phong OSL closures.
  • Fixed a regression in the way bump mapping is computed.
  • Fixed directional light when instantiated in scaled assemblies.
  • Fixed possible artifacts with directional lights.
  • Fixed multiple instancing of point, spot, directional and sun lights.
  • Fixed automatic updated of project files from revision 7 to revision 8.
  • Fixed a crash when an OSL shader cannot be found.
  • Fixed a crash when vertex normals of a triangle are absent.
  • Fixed horizontal/vertical shifting in latitude-longitude environment EDF.
  • The bump offset is now adjustable via the bump_offset material parameter. The default value is 2 (texels).
  • Don't replace spaces by underscores in AOV file names.
  • Search paths may now be added using the APPLESEED_SEARCHPATH environment variable (paths must be separated with :).
  • Project file parsing errors now include approximate line and column numbers.
  • Renamed inputs of point, spot, directional and sun lights according to the actual physical quantities they represent. As always, projects will be automatically updated, project files remain fully backward-compatible.
  • Fixed installation of appleseed.python on OSX.
  • Added a version header in renderer/api that can be used by clients of the C++ API.

Minor Changes

  • Fixed crashes and user interface issues in the Disney material editor.
  • Fixed bug: the entity browser would not show colors and textures from parent assemblies or from the scene.
  • Fixed intermittent rendering interruptions during live scene edition.
  • Fixed crash after deleting an assembly from a scene that had already been rendered.
  • Automatic adjustment of sliders range now works with negative values.


  • Exposed previously missing methods in Assembly, Object and Texture entities.


  • New command line tool dumpmetadata to dump entity metadata as XML or Markdown.
  • Added a --passes command line option to appleseed.cli.
  • If an output_filename parameter is present in the frame, appleseed.cli will now write the main output image to disk. If an output_aovs parameter is also present, it will also write the AOVs to disk.
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