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@dictoon dictoon released this Jun 22, 2015 · 4970 commits to master since this release


These are the release notes for appleseed 1.2.0-beta.

The following people contributed code for this release: François Beaune, John Haddon, Hans Hoogenboom, Esteban Tovagliari.


Major Changes

Added ray differentials for primary rays, screen-space derivatives and texture filtering for OSL shaders:

Ray Differentials

OSL bump mapping is now supported:

OSL Bump Mapping

Added a new Velvet BRDF:

Velvet BRDF

Added support for photon targets. Photon targets are used by the SPPM engine to shoot photons toward volumes of interests (such as a window in a wall).

A photon target can be defined by adding a "photon_target" parameter with value "true" to an object instance:

<object_instance name="window_inst" object="window">
    <parameter name="photon_target" value="true" />

We now ship the beginnings of an OSL node library.

Surface shaders in materials are now optional. If a material doesn't have a surface shader assigned to it, it will use the scene's default surface shader (which is a physical surface shader with all inputs set to their default values).

  • The sampling mode (RNG, QMC) can now be switched at runtime. The default is RNG.
  • Implemented an orthographic camera model.
  • Added support for motion-blurred vertex normals and vertex tangents.

Minor Changes

  • Added "Color" diagnostic mode.
  • Added support for OSL background closures.
  • Added compile-time and run-time appleseed version information for OSL shaders.
  • Default tile ordering is now 'spiral' instead of 'hilbert'.
  • Use barycentric coordinates when UV coordinates are not available.
  • Don't trace environment photons if IBL is disabled.
  • Fixed crash with OSL materials without shaders.
  • Fixed Disney BRDF bug when all component weights are zero.
  • Fixed crash in SPPM lighting engine with large number of photons + Disney BRDFs.
  • Properly handle empty scenes in SPPM lighting engine.
  • Make sure OIIO texture files get closed when rendering terminates.
  • Fixed bug in Blinn microfacet sampling code.
  • Take into account shutter times when doing deformation motion blur.
  • Fixed crash when rendering triangles with more than one motion segment.
  • Fixed OIIO texture cache size.
  • Improved OIIO/OSL-related log output.
  • The geometric normal is now always front-facing in the absence of per-vertex normals.
  • Threads are now named.
  • Fixed non-determinism in rendered images in progressive rendering mode with a limited max number of samples.
  • Implemented surfacearea() OSL function.
  • Fixed bump/normal mapping for Disney material.
  • Fixed alpha mapping for Disney material.
  • Removed redundant 'alpha' and 'color' parameters in <color> entities.
  • Fixed crash when a curve object has a light-emitting material.

  • Right-clicking in the render widget will now bring the context menu of the entity underneath the mouse cursor.
  • The camera pivot point can now be set by clicking on an object and pressing 'f'.
  • Preserve outside pixels when setting a render region.
  • Improved responsiveness of during interactive rendering.
  • Added a way to assign new Disney materials to multiple object instances at once.
  • When creating a new assembly, automatically create an instance of that assembly.
  • Always expand top-level Assemblies and Assembly Instances items, and if there's a single assembly item, expand it as well.
  • Print world coordinates of picking point.
  • Display supported file formats (by OIIO) when picking texture file to use in Disney material.
  • Remember last directory and filter string in all file dialogs.
  • Increased number of recently opened project files from 5 to 15.
  • Prevent from closing when a project is being loaded.
  • Fixed an occasional crash with the pixel tracker (that prints RGBA values of the pixel under the mouse cursor).
  • When importing a Disney material, rename it if there is already a material with the same name.
  • Apply changes after assigning texture to color input of Disney material via texture file picker in Attribute Editor.
  • Changed type of horizontal FOV inputs from text to numeric.
  • Don't adjust range of slider when input value is empty.
  • After importing a Disney material, select it.
  • Only show the Attribute Editor if a single entity is selected.
  • Started adding help strings to entity inputs.


  • Fixed possible crash when an appleseed.MasterRenderer instance is garbage collected.
  • Added appleseed.Project.get_metadata() to retrieve configurations metadata.
  • Added get_model_metadata() methods to all appleseed entities.


  • is a new Python script to extract metadata from OSL shaders.
  • is a new Python script to convert RenderMan-for-Maya Disney BRDF presets to appleseed materials.
  • Removed maketiledexr. Use the provided maketx tool instead.
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