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appleseed 1.5.0-beta

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@dictoon dictoon released this 11 Sep 12:12
· 4056 commits to master since this release

These are the release notes for appleseed 1.5.0-beta.

The following people contributed code for this release: François Beaune, Ramon Blanquer, John Haddon, Esteban Tovagliari.

(appleseed render by François Gilliot, inspired by ferronne's amazing Revolution glassware collection.)


  • Massive scaling, responsiveness and speed improvements during interactive rendering.
  • Added support for parametric surface generation (plane, sphere and torus are currently implemented).
  • Diffuse Mean Free Path inputs in BSSRDFs are now colors instead of scalars.
  • Improved handling of asset files referenced by projects. In particular, textures referenced by SeExpr expressions are now properly tracked as project dependencies (#575).
  • Improved UV diagnostic surface shader.
  • Added facing ratio diagnostic shader.
  • Added background environment shader to shade the background with a solid color or a texture.
  • Fixed default range for IOR inputs.
  • Allow negative number of rendering threads (#774).
  • Added optional automatic computation of smooth normals and tangents on mesh objects at loading time.
  • Added support for environment transforms.
  • Fixed wrong background color for colored messages in console on Windows (#1037).
  • BSSRDFs now benefit from automatic IOR tracking; replaced Inside/Outside IOR with a single IOR value.
  • Print more rendering settings when rendering starts.
  • Changed default tile ordering to spiral.
  • Changed default reconstruction filter to 1.5-pixel Blackman-Harris.
  • Emit proper error messages when texture files referenced in SeExpr expressions cannot be loaded.
  • Emit proper error messages when failing to write project files to disk.
  • Fixed crash at exit time in appleseed.cli in benchmark mode.
  • Fixed several problems with the glass BSDF.
  • Fixed crash when loading deforming meshes without normals.
  • Fixed bug when path tracing a scene with specular BSDFs and a limited number of bounces.
  • Improved reporting and handling of invalid pixel samples.
  • Reduced startup time and memory usage in scenes with multiple lat-long environment EDFs.
  • Print full paths of entities instead of just entity names in log messages.


  • Improved the as_subsurface_surface shader.
  • Added Mari-style UDIM support to texture shaders.
  • Allows negative values of anisotropy in the Disney closure.

  • Improved the way entities bound to inputs are shown and behave.
  • Fixed crash when rendering the current project, after loading another project failed.
  • Persist the state of geometry of windows, dialogs and dockable panels.
  • No longer print camera settings every time the camera changes.
  • Fixed the file picker in entity edtor: file changes were not applied unless Enter was pressed.


  • Expose methods to set and retrieve the frame's crop window in appleseed.python.
  • Command line tools now load their settings from settings/
  • Message verbosity of all tools can now be set in settings files. Default verbosity is Info.