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appleseed 1.8.1-beta

@dictoon dictoon released this
· 1536 commits to master since this release
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These are the release notes for appleseed 1.8.1-beta.

appleseed 1.8.1-beta is a minor release fixing issues discovered in appleseed 1.8.0-beta.

Whiskey Glasses


  • Added energy compensation to glossy and metal BRDFs.
  • Fixed Max Ray Intensity which was partially broken in the previous release.
  • Fixed occasional warnings during rendering (NaN, negative or infinite pixel samples).
  • Improved handling of errors during loading of geometry assets.
  • Exposed Plastic BRDF to OSL via the as_plastic() closure.
  • Updated and improved dumpmetadata command line tool.
  • Light importance multiplier is now a numeric input.
  • Make's Windows icon multi-resolution.
  • Emit log message once packing project is complete.
  • Cleaned up appleseed OSL extensions (as_osl_extensions.h) file.