OSL Support Status

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  • Standard diffuse, oren_nayar and translucent closures
  • appleseed-specific Ashikhmin-Shirley, Glossy, Glass, Metal, Subsurface and Disney's principled BRDF closures
  • Emission and surfacearea()
  • Background (for procedural environments end environment lighting)
  • Transparency
  • Texture lookups
  • Bump mapping
  • Object coordinate systems
  • Camera coordinate system
  • get_attribute and trace calls
  • dtime and dPdtime globals


  • NDC and screen coordinate transforms (work in progress)
  • holdout and debug closures are ignored

Not yet supported by appleseed

  • Geometry user data
  • Displacement
  • Arbitrary AOVs from shadergroups

Would be nice to have

  • Light attenuation shaders
  • Named coordinate systems?

Should work but untested