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blenderseed Documentation Status

Chair & Table


blenderseed is an appleseed plugin for Blender 2.79b and 2.8-2.92 only. 2.93 and up are NOT SUPPORTED.

blenderseed includes support for the following features of appleseed:

  • Pinhole, thin lens (supports physically correct depth of field), and spherical camera models
  • Camera, transformation and deformation motion blur
  • Particle / instance motion blur
  • Instancing (dupliverts / duplifaces)
  • BSDF materials
  • Volumetric material
  • BSSDF materials
  • OSL shading
  • Normal / bump mapping
  • Alpha mapping
  • Mesh lights
  • Point, directional, and sun lights
  • Spot lights (supports textures)
  • Physical sun/sky
  • Gradient, constant, mirror ball map and latitude-longitude map environment models

blenderseed also supports:

  • Node-based OSL material creation (with Blender's node editor)
  • Export to appleseed scene files or rendering within Blender's image editor
  • Selective geometry export (for faster re-export and re-rendering of scenes)
  • Material preview rendering


appleseed and its accompanying software is released under the MIT license.

© 2010-2018 The appleseedhq Organization