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The sample code for Mturk website.
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The Sample code for Assignment 2.

Assignment 2-1

The sample code for making an Mturk website.


You can find the slides used in the class here.

Web Page

Please visit the following url to see the web page.

Assignment 2-2

The sample code for creating HITs.

Filename Purpose URL
char_annotation_sample.html The sample html for story character extraction. LINK
char_annotation_mturk.html The sample html for AMT template. LINK
char_annotation_cli.html The sample html for CLI interface. LINK

If you want to use external HIT (CLI & API), you will need to "questionalize" your website using "setting.xml".


You can find the slides used in the class here.


If you have any question, please send me an email.

chiehyang [at]

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