API examples and code for connecting to your applicant tracking system.
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Applicant Tracking API

For developers, we offer an API that allows access to all your account information, essentially connecting you directly to the Applicant Tracking Recruiting Engine™. Using our API requires
knowledge of programming languages and software – if that’s not you, recruit your local coder to lend a hand.

The Applicant Tracking API gives you access to the following resource entities:

The Applicant Tracking API is designed as REST resources.

For Ruby developers, the easiest way to get started is by using the applicant_tracking_api gem.

PHP developers can check out our PHP library.

Finally, we have code examples available for C#/.NET and ColdFusion.

API Access

The API is authenticated using HTTP Basic Auth over SSL. You will need an API key (http username) and a password. The API key and password can be obtained by enabling the API in the Account Details section of the Applicant Tracking online interface. Note that interactive authentication (via a web browser) is not supported. You’ll need to use a command line tool like CURL or the programming language of your choice.

https://subdomain.domain.com/remote/<entity endpoint>

Interacting with Entities

Here are some examples of common operations using the API:

Notes get
notes List of all notes. Accepts app_id, job_id, and begin_date (iso8601) as parameters.
Jobs get
jobs List of all jobs.
jobs/active List jobs live and accepting resumes.
jobs/active_visible List jobs shown online (excludes hidden jobs).
jobs/hidden List hidden jobs.
jobs/archived List inactive jobs.
jobs/<job_id> Fetch a particular job.
Applications get
applications List of applications.
applications/unrated List of new unrated applications.
applications/rated List of rated applications.
applications/archived List of archived applications.
applications/<app_id> Fetch a particular application.
Applications for a Particular Job get
jobs/<job_id>/applications List of applications.
jobs/<job_id>/applications/unrated List of new unrated applications.
jobs/<job_id>/applications/rated List of rated applications.
jobs/<job_id>/applications/archived List of archived applications.
Create/Update Applications post
jobs/<job_id>/applications/<application_id> Update an applicant.
jobs/<job_id>/applications Create an applicant.

An example of a complete valid API call:


More information here: