An awesome visualization of what's hot on Apple's App Store
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App Store Apex

Introducing App Store Apex: an awesome visualization of what's hot on Apple's App Store!

I want to see it in action

Just head to !

What does it do?

Apex retrieves the global app ranking from Apple and creates a nice HTML layout from it. Actually, it creates an animated slideshow with the 10 most downloaded apps, and displays the following ones in the background as a mosaic.

Advanced usage

You can change the actual RSS feed being used. Just head to Apple's RSS generator, and pick whichever suits you. Then pass it in the URL, like this :

Keep two things in mind when customizing your Apex:

  • First, you should URL-escape equal signs in your feed's URL!
  • Second, if you only include the top 10 apps in the feed, the background will be black.

I'm a developer, tell me what's cool about this!

  • App Store Apex was made possibly because Apple implemented a cross-origin ressource sharing policy in their RSS feed. Otherwise it wouldn't have been possible to make a cross-domain AJAX request.

  • Once minified, App Store Apex is barely 10 Kb!

  • It uses Mustache for templating