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+Vim Vi IMproved. A clone of the UNIX text editor Vi. Very useful
+ for editing programs and other plain ASCII text. Full Vi
+ compatibility and includes all Ex commands. Extra features
+ above Vi: Multilevel undo, multiple windows, syntax
+ highlighting, command line history, folding, improved command
+ line editing, command typeahead display, command to display
+ yank buffers, possibility to edit binary files, file name
+ stack, support for Manx QuickFix and other compiler's error
+ messages, shows current file name in window title, on-line
+ help, rectangular cut/paste, etc., etc., etc...
+ Version 7.0aa. Also runs under UNIX, MSDOS and other systems.
+ vim70aart.tgz contains the documentation and syntax files.
+ vim70aabin.tgz contains the binaries.
+ vim70aasrc.tgz contains the sources.
+ Author: Bram Moolenaar et al.
+Xxd Hex dumper and reader. Can be used to view files as hex, edit
+ them and write them back. Can also be used to patch files.
+ Version 1.8 (1997 May 22)
+ Author: Juergen Weigert
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