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Materials for the CCDC competition.
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Materials for CCDC training and competition. This repository should not be used for development. The tools directory should only contain binaries and simple README-s; we do not want to be compiling tools at the competition, and adding development tracking and source files to this repository will significantly bloat the repository. If you need the source for a tool, the corresponding README contains a link to the source, and if we wrote the tool, then it should be found at{tool name}


This repository contains all the material pertaining to the CCDC competition. Note that in the future, this repository may be subdivided due to size.


The tools directory contains various tools that were either developed by us, or are otherwise useful for the competition and can be freely distributed.


The docs directory contains documentation pertaining to technologies we are likely to see at the competition.

Config Files

The config_files directory contains sample and example configuration files for different services and programs. Note that the intent of these files is not to be a simple drop-in replacement during the competition, but instead, they represent sane, secure configurations that can (and should) be modified on the fly during the competition.

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