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update docker container version in zkp setup instructions

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mariogemoll committed Jul 17, 2019
1 parent 22f115f commit 0cfe10cb374885e34169614127492cfc47ccf30a
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  2. +0 −42 js/packages/k0-integration-tests-eth/docker-compose.yml
@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@ rm -rf /tmp/k0keys
mkdir /tmp/k0keys
for circuit in commitment transfer addition withdrawal example
docker run -it -v /tmp/k0keys/:/tmp/k0keys/ appliedblockchain/k0-setup:v0.0.31 $circuit 4 /tmp/k0keys/${circuit}\_pk /tmp/k0keys/${circuit}_vk
docker run -it -v /tmp/k0keys/:/tmp/k0keys/ appliedblockchain/k0-convert-vk:v0.0.31 /tmp/k0keys/${circuit}\_vk /tmp/k0keys/${circuit}\_vk_alt
docker run -it -v /tmp/k0keys/:/tmp/k0keys/ appliedblockchain/k0-setup:v0.0.32 $circuit 4 /tmp/k0keys/${circuit}\_pk /tmp/k0keys/${circuit}_vk
docker run -it -v /tmp/k0keys/:/tmp/k0keys/ appliedblockchain/k0-convert-vk:v0.0.32 /tmp/k0keys/${circuit}\_vk /tmp/k0keys/${circuit}\_vk_alt

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