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K0 is an implementation of [Zerocash]( for smart contract platforms. Currently Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric are supported. The protocol has been modified slightly to enable an additional use case, namely the use of a predefined private payment in a secondary smart contract. For more information please read our [technical description](

__WARNING! This is alpha-stage software. It has not been security-audited. DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION!__
__WARNING! This is alpha-stage software. It has not been security-audited yet.__

A quickstart guide to run some integration tests is provided [below](#quickstart). If you want to start developing with/on K0 (not needed for the quickstart), please consult the README files in the following subdirectories:
- [cpp: Build and run C++ components](cpp)
@@ -42,4 +42,4 @@ docker-compose logs -f --tail 100
After the tests have run, shut down the network:
docker-compose down

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