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K0 Fabric integration tests

The project needs to be checked out in the GOPATH ($GOPATH/src/ You also need to have the Hyperledger Fabric source code (version 1.2.0) at $GOPATH/src/

Use node version 8, otherwise it will not work.

ZKP setup

rm -rf /tmp/k0keys
mkdir /tmp/k0keys
for circuit in commitment transfer addition withdrawal example
  ../../../cpp/build/src/server $circuit 4 /tmp/k0keys/${circuit}\_pk /tmp/k0keys/${circuit}_vk
  ../../../cpp/build/src/convert_vk /tmp/k0keys/${circuit}\_vk /tmp/k0keys/${circuit}\_vk_alt

Spin up a Fabric network

In subdirectory network:

rm -rf artefacts/*

Remove previously created chaincode images

docker rmi $(docker images --filter=reference="*k0chaincode*" -q) || true

Package chaincode

In network:


docker run -v $PWD/artefacts:/artefacts -v $GOPATH/src/ -v $GOPATH/src/ hyperledger/fabric-tools:1.2.0 peer chaincode package -n k0chaincode -v $CHAINCODE_VERSION -p /artefacts/k0chaincode.${CHAINCODE_VERSION}.out

Install chaincode

In network:

for org in alpha beta gamma bank; do docker-compose run ${org}tools peer chaincode install /artefacts/k0chaincode.${CHAINCODE_VERSION}.out; done

Instantiate chaincode

In this directory:

node instantiate

Start proving and Merkle tree servers

In separate terminal windows, start the following servers:

Proving server:

../../../cpp/build/src/server 4 /tmp/k0keys/commitment_pk /tmp/k0keys/commitment_vk /tmp/k0keys/addition_pk /tmp/k0keys/addition_vk /tmp/k0keys/transfer_pk /tmp/k0keys/transfer_vk /tmp/k0keys/withdrawal_pk /tmp/k0keys/withdrawal_vk /tmp/k0keys/example_pk /tmp/k0keys/example_vk 11400

Merkle tree server for AlphaCo:

../../../cpp/build/src/mtserver 4 11410

Merkle tree server for BetaCo:

../../../cpp/build/src/mtserver 4 12410

../../../Merkle tree server for GammaCo:

cpp/build/src/mtserver 4 13410

Merkle tree server for BankCo:

../../../cpp/build/src/mtserver 4 14410

Run tests

node_modules/.bin/mocha test

Fabric Dev mode

For a faster way to itterate on chaincode development, use this setup, that will allow you to build and restart the chaincode without having to redeploy

Pre Setup

First, start a ZKP setup as described above

Then, add the following line to your /etc/hosts file:

follow those instruction to install the fabric binaries

For our version, on mac, downloading the binary would look like this:

curl -sSL | bash -s 1.2.0 1.2.0 1.2.0

Then, add the fabric-samples/bin directory to you $PATH

Starting the network

In this section, the command needs to be run from the directory devnetwork.

Use this command to clean previous artefacts, if any:

docker-compose down && rm -rf crypto-config/* artefacts/* *peer/data && docker rm $(docker ps -qa)

Generate the crypto-config:

cryptogen generate --config=crypto-config.yaml

Generate the genesis block for fabric:

configtxgen -profile TheGenesis -channelID orderer-system-channel -outputBlock artefacts/orderer_genesis.block

Generate the channel config:

configtxgen -profile TheChannel -channelID the-channel -outputCreateChannelTx artefacts/channel_creation.tx

Start the orderer:

docker-compose up

Then open 12 terminals (iTerm2 or similar recommended), respectively in:

  • js/test/fabric/devnetwork/alphapeer
  • js/test/fabric/devnetwork/betapeer
  • js/test/fabric/devnetwork/gammaapeer
  • js/test/fabric/devnetwork/bankpeer
  • js/test/fabric/devnetwork/alphaadmin
  • js/test/fabric/devnetwork/betaadmin
  • js/test/fabric/devnetwork/gammaadmin
  • js/test/fabric/devnetwork/bankadmin
  • 3 in go/chaincode/cash

in alphaadmin, run:

peer channel create -o localhost:7050 -c the-channel -f ../artefacts/channel_creation.tx  --outputBlock ../artefacts/the-channel.block

in alphapeer, betapeer, gammapeer and bankpeer, run:

peer node start --peer-chaincodedev=true

in alphaadmin, betaadmin, gammaadmin and bankadmin, run:

peer channel join -b ../artefacts/the-channel.block

Compiling the chaincode

in go/chaincode/cash

go build then,

Start the chaincodes program by running each of those command in a separate terminal:

VERIFIER_ENDPOINT=http://localhost:11400/ CORE_CHAINCODE_LOGLEVEL=debug CORE_PEER_ADDRESS=localhost:11752 CORE_CHAINCODE_ID_NAME=k0chaincode:1 ./cash
VERIFIER_ENDPOINT=http://localhost:12400/ CORE_CHAINCODE_LOGLEVEL=debug CORE_PEER_ADDRESS=localhost:12752 CORE_CHAINCODE_ID_NAME=k0chaincode:1 ./cash
VERIFIER_ENDPOINT=http://localhost:13400/ CORE_CHAINCODE_LOGLEVEL=debug CORE_PEER_ADDRESS=localhost:13752 CORE_CHAINCODE_ID_NAME=k0chaincode:1 ./cash
VERIFIER_ENDPOINT=http://localhost:14400/ CORE_CHAINCODE_LOGLEVEL=debug CORE_PEER_ADDRESS=localhost:14752 CORE_CHAINCODE_ID_NAME=k0chaincode:1 ./cash

Finally, in alphaadmin, betaadmin, gammaadmin and bankadmin, run:

CORE_CHAINCODE_MODE=net peer chaincode install -p -n k0chaincode -v 1

Instantiating and running the chaincode

DEV_MODE=true node instantiate
DEV_MODE=true mocha test.js
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