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Code Samples for NodeJS Intro

Here are some sample code pieces:

Blocking / Non-Blocking I/O

Blocking Example

An simple example of blocking I/O in C++.

Running the binary for the io.cpp program:


If that doesn't work you probably have to compile on your box:

g++ io.cpp

Non-Blocking Example

The similar example of the above, with non-blocking I/O in Node.

node eventio.js

TCP Chat Server

A simple TCP based chat server. To run:

node chat.js

Then load up chat clients other terminals using something like:

telnet localhost 8000

or if you have NetCat:

nc localhost 8000

HTTP Server

A basic HTTP server in Node:

node http.js

Then, in another terminal

curl localhost:3000

Or just load it in a browser.

HTTP Chunked

A simple example of how chunked encoding works in Node:

node chunked.js

Then, in another terminal

curl localhost:3000