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ChangeLog for pygeoip

Release 0.3.2

  • New: Support for Python 3.4
  • New: Support for NetSpeedCell databases (Thanks to Gregory Oschwald)
  • Fix: Improved exception handling (Thanks to Oliver Keyes)
  • Fix: Return country for region lookups outside US and CA

Uploaded to PyPi on 2014-10-28

Release 0.3.1

  • New: Documentation now available on
  • New: MaxMind Netspeed database support
  • Fix: Release thread lock on exceptions

Uploaded to PyPi on 2014-02-05

Release 0.3.0

  • New: 100% test coverage
  • New: Dropped Python 3.1 support
  • New: Add reStructuredText version of README for PyPI
  • New: Add last_netmask function and return the netmask depth of the last lookup
  • Fix: Rename region_name to region_code (returned by region_by_name and record_by_addr)
  • Fix: Rename id_by_addr to _id_by_addr
  • Fix: Make internal meta class private
  • Fix: Support caching on class inheritance (Thanks to Jiří Techet)
  • Fix: Properly open databases on GAE (Thanks to Jiří Techet)
  • Fix: Treat IndexError and UnicodeDecodeError as corrupt database and raise others (Thanks to Jiří Techet)
  • Fix: Aquire lock on instance creation (Thanks to Jiří Techet)
  • Fix: Fixed alpha-3 codes ordering, replaced TLS,TKM,TUN,TON with TKM,TUN,TON,TLS (Thanks to Marc Sherry)

Uploaded to PyPi on 2013-11-13

Release 0.2.7

  • New: Added support for IPv6 ASN and City databases
  • Fix: Sync timezones from latest ISO-8601 edition
  • Fix: record_by_addr() will now return None when missing data

Uploaded to PyPi on 2013-07-15

Release 0.2.6

  • New: Python 3.3 support
  • New: IPv6 support
  • New: Added continent key to region lookup
  • New: Catch all database parse errors as GeoIPError('Corrupt database')
  • Fix: Handle empty responses from _get_record
  • Fix: Rename some countries to modern names
  • Fix: Add new country codes for SS, BQ (Thanks to Todd Federman)
  • Fix: Ship metadata with source distribution (Thanks to ralphbean)
  • Fix: Simplify ip2long methods (Thanks to stevetu)
  • Fix: Encoding bug when reading CityLite from mmap or memory
  • Fix: Remove __future__ imports
  • Fix: Better PEP8 compatibility
  • Fix: Switched from DOS to UNIX file format
  • Fix: Misspelled countries (Thanks to Erik Fichtner)
  • Fix: Dropped dependencies to six
  • Fix: Optimize and refactor internal seek functions
  • Fix: Make StringIO work with Python 3
  • Fix: Remove dependency of
  • Fix: Add Python 3.2 and 3.3 to tox tests

Uploaded to PyPi on 2013-02-23