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The "MOML Application Viewer" is an application for browsing MOML(Mobile Object Markup Language) pages on the web or SD card.

You don't need to build android application for testing MOML pages if the page is in a web server.

If you are not familiar or never heard about MOML, you can still look around by using default sample URLs.


  • Just run "MOML Application Viewer" and type page url.
  • Long press the URL list item to delete.
  • Use "Quit" menu in option menu (press device menu key.) to exit page.
  • Use "Developer Console" menu in option menu to see logs or source codes.

"momlappviewer:" URI scheme

You can call MOML page on any other app or web browser.

ex) momlappviewer:


  1. MOML Application Viewer on Google Play
  2. MOML Application Viewer on Apple AppStore