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This is Tcpreplay suite version 4.0.5beta1. The full release will be available soon.

Fixes include:
- Make --netmap version agnostic (#106)
- Fix netmap hang in FreeBSD 11 (#103)
- Fix netmap hang if network cables unplugged (#96)
- Support for Vale Switch (#91)
- Prevent file retransmissions when selecting multiple files (#86)
- Fix max replay rate for all loops except first when omitting --mbps (#85)
- Add missing sanity check in libopt (#84)
- Seg fault on some IPv6 files when using -C option with tcprewrite (#83)
- Support for PF_RING DNA version of libpcap (#82)
- Fix segfault when using '-F pad' (#80)
- Disallow netmap on multiple interfaces (#79)
- Fix build for FreeBSD version 8.4 (#78)

More information available on our wiki announcement
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