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Swaggervel (Swagger integration for Laravel 5)

This package combines Swagger-php and swagger-ui into one Laravel-friendly package. When you run your app in debug mode, Swaggervel will scan your app folder (or any folder that is set under the "app-dir" variable in the packages config), generate swagger json files and deposit them to the doc-dir folder (default is /docs). Files are then served by swagger-ui under the api-docs director.


  • Execute composer require appointer/swaggervel --dev within your laravel root directory
  • Add Appointer\Swaggervel\SwaggervelServiceProvider::class to your providers array in app/config/app.php above your route provider, to avoid any catch-all routes
  • Run php artisan vendor:publish --tag=public to push swagger-ui to your public folder (can be found in public/vendor/swaggervel).
  • Optionally run php artisan vendor:publish --tag=config to push the swaggervel default config into your application's config directory.
  • Optionally run php artisan vendor:publish --tag=views to push the swaggervel index view file into resources/views/vendor/swaggervel.

Examples (when using the default configuration)


All options are well commented within the swaggervel.php config file.

How to Use Swagger-php

The actual Swagger spec is beyond the scope of this package. All Swaggervel does is package up swagger-php and swagger-ui in a Laravel-friendly fashion, and tries to make it easy to serve. For info on how to use swagger-php look here. For good examples of swagger-php in action look here.

Further Notes

This package is a fork of slampenny/Swaggervel, as it is no longer maintained.


  • the handling of the /doc call is still really inconsistent, as you cannot change the file name (api-docs.json), but are able to change the file you acces when using the /doc route.