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Contribute to ApportableFoundation

The ApportableFoundation project relies upon vibrant user and contributor community. Here's how you can participate as a contributor.


  • Apple proprietary Foundation implementation: If you've looked at Apple's proprietary Foundation, you cannot contribute to ApportableFoundation.
  • No Reverse Engineering: Do not use reverse engineering tools to examine Apple proprietary code. If you do so, you cannot contribute to ApportableFoundation.
  • Contributed Code Ownership: Make sure you have full access to any code contributed. Do not contribute code that other's have copyrighted.
  • Reference Docs: Refer to published documentation when implementing any classes. If you would like to discuss approaches, post to the forum.
  • Reference Code: Refer to Apple Open Source code or Apportable Foundation.
  • Coding Style: Contributions should maintain the coding style of their files and modules.
  • Submit Pull Requests under MIT license
    • Your commit messages should include the line
      • This change is released under the MIT license.

Work Areas

Find something that excites you!

Some ways to get rolling:

  • Fix a test failure - After running the tests, fix one of the failures
  • Fix an issue - See issues list
  • Implement Foundation functionality - Code and add tests for a missing Foundation capability