Added support for proxy environment variables (http_proxy and https_proxy) #6

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mfojtik commented Jun 3, 2011

Enable support for proxyfied environments to use AWS gem:

export https_proxy=""

Initiate request via AWS gem and you should see:

I, [2011-06-03T13:58:01.873547 #30152] INFO -- : New Aws::Ec2 using per_thread-connection mode
I, [2011-06-03T13:58:01.874218 #30152] INFO -- : Opening new HTTPS connection to
I, [2011-06-03T13:58:01.874404 #30152] INFO -- : Using proxy for connection

PS: Sorry for a new pull request, I had a typo in https ;-)

mfojtik commented Jun 14, 2011

any chance to pull this and bump gem version? :)

mfojtik commented Oct 17, 2011


mfojtik commented Jan 18, 2012

ping #2 ? :-)


this typo was resolved in the next commit.

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