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Simple_deployer allows to use from the command line

This library wraps the REST API for managing and deploying Rails apps to the Simpledeployer. It can be called as a Ruby library, or invoked from the command line. Code push and pull is done through Amazon S3.

For more about Simpledeployer see


1. install SD gem  - sudo gem install simple_deployer
2. type sd in command line

List of available commands

sd info  - account info

sd projects  - projects list for current user
sd project pr_id - project info
sd project.create  - create a project from with source code from current folder
sd project.servers pr_id - servers list for project pr_id
sd project.launch_server pr_id  - launch new server in project pr_id
sd project.databases pr_id  - list of databases in project pr_id
sd project.load_balancer pr_id  - load balancer in project pr_id
sd project.deploy_folder pr_id  - deploy current folder content in all servers of project pr_id
sd project.deploy pr_id  - deploy latest code to all servers of project pr_id

sd server server_id - server status of server_id server
sd server.reboot server_id - reboot server server_id
sd server.terminate server_id - terminate server server_id

Sample workflow

1) create project with sources from current folder - sd project.create 
2) launch server -  sd project.launch_server   (you can omit pr_id parameter - by default it is id of project you created on first step)
3) Deploy latest code from current folder - sd project.deploy_folder
4) Terminate server - sd server.terminate server_id  where server_id you can get from step 2