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returning float type for floats; fix logging; fixing and rationalizing tests. #45

merged 47 commits into from Mar 2, 2012


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celeduc commented Feb 21, 2012

Functional changes

  • Fixed a bug in which float values were not returned as type float (along with a new test for this).
  • Fixed a bug in logging which caused failure after closing a log, making log closure meaningless unless the connection was shut down. This was order-dependent and would cause any test that runs after test_usage.rb to fail.


  • All of the tests now run and are compatible with each other.
  • There are still two broken tests in test_lobs, but that appears to be a real bug (which causes an orphaned CLOB).
  • Broken tests are listed in failing_tests.txt.

celeduc added some commits Jan 3, 2012

@celeduc celeduc Return a float when getting an attribute that is a float. d8e2276
@celeduc celeduc Well that was embarrassing, though I blame the absence of working tests. 7cafd2b
@celeduc celeduc One more time, with feeling. da61edf
@celeduc celeduc Added a test for creating the domain during batch save 095616a
@celeduc celeduc Adding setup file to put standard AWS environment variables into the …
…config file.
@celeduc celeduc Apparently batch_save DOES create the domain. 37d814d
@celeduc celeduc Add tests to rakefile 6d98c18
@celeduc celeduc Fix test where encoding was borked and the properties in the class being
used had been renamed.  <Sheesh>
@celeduc celeduc Lowercase eacute. For consistency with old test. 99e8686
@celeduc celeduc 1. Don't sleep in tests. Use ConsistentRead.
2. Clean up beforehand. Clean up afterward.
3. Test delete, too. Why not.
@celeduc celeduc Make test_json reentrant 8777216
@celeduc celeduc Yes, this test is broken: a lob *is* abandoned. 647216f
@celeduc celeduc DRYing up asserts 5ea47c7
@celeduc celeduc use consistent_read, not sleep e7b443b
@celeduc celeduc Removing sleeps, using consistent_read 3a83f8b
@celeduc celeduc Move the test log to /tmp as most won't have permission for /mnt 8140e66
@celeduc celeduc Removing debugging puts dec4fed
@celeduc celeduc Adding Gemfile to make CI easier. baa5468
@celeduc celeduc adding Gemfile.lock to .gitignore because we don't want it in a gem. bfd27ad
@celeduc celeduc Add test-unit to the Gemfile so CI can load that gem automatically th…
…rough bundler
@celeduc celeduc Moved models into ./models/ directory
Removed temp.rb
@celeduc celeduc Adding list of failing tests. 6314c4c
@celeduc celeduc Failing tests e224636
@celeduc celeduc Fixing tests 0e2a4df
@celeduc celeduc Nessun dorma: removing sleep() calls wherever possible.
Fixing broken tests.
@celeduc celeduc Updated test status be0f87c
@celeduc celeduc Add jeweler to the Gemfile so that Jeweler can be installed.
Regenerate gemspec using Jeweler.
@celeduc celeduc Fixing pagination test 7b5bd07
@celeduc celeduc Updated failing tests 0342948
@celeduc celeduc Fixing test_results_array; speeding up somewhat in initialization, th…
…en reset counts appropriately.

It would seem that somebody changed MyModel quite substantially, breaking all other tests.  See, this is what happens when tests aren't maintained.
@celeduc celeduc Fix bug in usage log which would cause errors after closing out a log.
Removed a whole lotta debugging puts.
Use assert_equal everywhere
Reanimating conversion_tests
Whitespace fatwa in tests
@celeduc celeduc Use assert_equal 58201ed
@celeduc celeduc Fixed two more broken tests caused by order dependencies. d505ae5
@celeduc celeduc Fix another broken test: missed a :consistent_read 5c088ce
@celeduc celeduc Fix intermittent failure where consistent_read not specified adc0808
@celeduc celeduc Consistently use consistent_read in tests cbcc805
@celeduc celeduc tests failing randomly... 57f50fb
@celeduc celeduc more randomly failing test 480c87f
@celeduc celeduc More random test failures 456aca7
@celeduc celeduc Fixing a few more tests where get_attributes wasn't specifying consis…
@celeduc celeduc Further work on failing tests e296813
@celeduc celeduc Adding sleeps to make up for [in]consistent_read 103e4bf
@celeduc celeduc Reverting an earlier change that broke validation tests. 8e52b28
@celeduc celeduc Fixed failing test for test_validations.rb with last commit. 76a3725
@celeduc celeduc Updating failing tests 8cfe03b
@celeduc celeduc Disambiguate variable to make sure test is testing what I think it's …
@celeduc celeduc Introduced specifically to test a fix introduced in (my first) commit…
…, ac37bb,

in which a float type was not returned.

All of the rest of my commits were fixing broken tests.

treeder commented Feb 21, 2012

Wow, nice pull request! ;) I'll review this today.

@treeder treeder added a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 2, 2012

@treeder treeder Merge pull request #45 from Sage/master
returning float type for floats; fix logging; fixing and rationalizing tests.

@treeder treeder merged commit 5f3d639 into appoxy:master Mar 2, 2012


treeder commented Mar 2, 2012


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