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Xamarin Android bindings for Adyen Checkout

This repository contains Xamarin Android bindings for Adyen Checkout v3.

It includes the following libraries:

  • com.adyen.checkout.base-ui
  • com.adyen.checkout.base-v3
  • com.adyen.checkout.card-base
  • com.adyen.checkout.card-ui
  • com.adyen.checkout.core-v3
  • com.adyen.checkout.cse
  • com.adyen.cse.adyen-cse

The actual .aar files for the libraries are not included in the repository, but can be automatically downloaded from by running the build script:

NOTE The aar file for card-ui is checked in and will not be downloaded by the build script. This is because there was a bug in the original file that caused some Android components not to be generated at all (specifically CardView).

 > ./build.ps1 -Target DownloadAdyenPackages

Please note that the bindings are not yet fully tested, and that any use in an actual project is on your own risk!