A math-aware search engine.
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Approach0 is a math-aware search engine.

Math search can be helpful in math Q&A websites: Assume you are doing a tough question on your math homework, you type in search box the exact question from your textbook, after a second (maybe too much) you get all the similar questions that somebody has already asked about, they are perhaps answered!

Online demo

Please visit https://approach0.xyz/demo for a WEB demo.

A little history

The author has been doing a math-only search engine prototype during his graduate research. Shortly after that prototype is implemented, this project is created. Its mission is to combine both math-search and fulltext search. Now I am happy this goal is achieved too! The next step is continuously develop this project and focus on improving effectiveness and efficiency.

Technically, this search engine is still based on previously existing and established fulltext search methods. On top of these, it adds new ideas and algorithms to handle structural content (see paper 1 and 2)

For now only math-aware search is implemented, but this idea can be generally applied to other structural text search such as code, chemistry formula and more.


Please check out our documentation for technical details: https://approach0.xyz/docs