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Native ApprovalTests for C++ on Linux, Mac and Windows
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Approval Tests for C++

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Download the latest version (v.8.3.0) of the single header file here.


What are Approval Tests?

Also known as Golden Master Tests or Snapshot Testing, Approval Tests are an alternative to asserts. If you are unfamiliar with them, we have an overview and a tutorial.

They are great for testing objects with lots of fields, or lists of objects.


Getting Started

ToString (ostream insertion)

Often, you will need to create functions to allow objects to print their state. This is commonly done with an ostream << operator. You can find examples here: To String

What's new?

Check out the Features page or upcoming release notes to see what we've been working on lately, or browse the past release notes.


If you have any comment or suggestion on this documentation, please email Llewellyn or Clare via the details in the Contributing page.

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