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Always Be Closing Jr

Always Be Closing Jr


Always Be Closing Jr. is a GitHub App that provides several advanced features that are not provided by GitHub. Many of the features are related to Pull Request management. Any administrator of your repository can enable or disable features on an easy-to-use configuration dashboard. All the features have zero configuration options (boolean: either on or off) and are designed to be intuitive.

The features include: Simple Pull Request Reviews, Gist Comment Notification, Do Not Disturb, Failing Status Checks Notification, Delete Reaction Comments, Delete Emoji Comments, and Monitor Git Tags. Check out the ABC documentation for more information about available features.

ABC Jr does not requires read and write access to repository contents. If you are looking for additional features, try Always Be Closing. It provides additional features that require access to repository contents.


Always Be Closing Jr is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms, privacy, and support documentation.

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