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Code Copilot

Prepare your PRs for a smooth landing.

⚠️ Still in Beta

Code Copilot watches for new Pull Requests to open and uses rules you've defined to make suggestions on the PR.

Getting started

Start by installing Code Copilot in your repo.

Next, in your repo, create the file .github/copilot.yml. This will hold your diff matching rules and the tips Copilot will produce. There are currently three main configuration options:


Optional. This is a message that gets appended to the intro of every Copilot PR comment. Markdown supported.


Required. This is an object containing all the tips Copilot can output within its PR comment. You'll reference these in your rules below.

The key should be a unique ID, and the value is a string (Markdown supported).


Required. This is an array of objects containing rule sets that, when matched against the PR diff, add tips to Copilot's PR comment.

Each object must contain a reference key with a value set to an existing reference defined above. Beyond that you can add any of the following rule key/values to the object to build the rule set:

  • newPathMatches (string or string[], glob supported) - A file's new path, during a rename, matches this pattern
  • oldPathMatches (string or string[], glob supported) - A file's old path, during a rename, matches this pattern
  • pathMatches (string or string[], glob supported) - A file's path (new or old) matches this path
  • regexp (string or string[]) - A content diff matches this regular expression (excludes deletions)
  • stringContains (string or string[]) - A content diff contains this exact string (excludes deletions)
  • fileAdded (boolean) - Any file was added
  • fileDeleted (boolean) - Any file was deleted
  • fileRenamed (boolean) - Any file was renamed
  • fileModified (boolean) - Any file was modified

Note that multiple rules in the same object act as AND, while rule values supporting arrays execute their comparisons as OR. So you could write "The diff contains a new file path and it matches this regexp or that regexp".


intro: 'Merging requires at least one approving review and green CI.'
  stored-procedures: 'Check out our docs for [stored procedures](#).'
  new-files: 'Ensure that any new files are fully tested. More info about our test process [here](#).'
  no-inline-styles: "It looks like you've added inline styles. Please use Tailwind classes or move them to a separate stylesheet."
  remove-from-s3: 'After merging you should also remove any static assets from our S3 bucket.'
- newPathMatches: "lib/db/**"
  reference: stored-procedures
- newPathMatches: "**/*.{html,jsx,tsx,js,ts}"
  reference: new-files
- regexp: 'style=".*"'
  reference: no-inline-styles
- oldPathMatches: "public/*.{png,jpg,svg}"
  reference: remove-from-s3

🎉 Done! Once installed and configured Code Copilot will now monitor for any new PRs to open and make suggestions according to the rules you've defined.


Code Copilot is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.

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