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GitHub App


GitHub App

CodeSandbox is a cloud development platform with the familiar speed and experience of CodeSandbox, but deeply integrated with your favourite tooling, and for projects of any size.

The integration of CodeSandbox with Github makes it possible to automatically add the following links in every PR description to ease the review process.

Web Client

This link opens the branch from the PR. Since the branch is a shared environment, you will be able to see any running previews, tests or other DevTools that the PR author left open to assist with the review process.

VS Code

If VS Code is your preferred development environment, you can still open the branch directly from this link using remote-ssh.


This link will start up a stand-alone devtool that spins up the preview link.

Note: This GitHub App is different from the OAuth integration required by Sandboxes and Projects. The OAuth integration allows CodeSandbox to import repositories from GitHub, while the GitHub App allows CodeSandbox to provide the features listed above.


CodeSandbox is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.

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