This GitHub Integration makes easy to install Ebert into your GitHub repositories, enabling automatic code review of your repositories.


  1. Install the integration on your GitHub account or on an organization
  2. Visit your Ebert dashboard and finish the setup for the repositories you want Ebert to start reviewing.

After finishing step 2, The ebert-bot account will start reviewing the Pull Requests of your repositories, providing actionable feedback on your code and helping your team to ship better code faster.

ebert-bot commenting on a Pull Request

Already using Ebert?

If you are already using Ebert through an OAuth2 token, you can install the integration, migrate the installation to an existing Ebert account and upgrade any repositories being reviewed by Ebert from our WebHook to the Integration flow. See our documentation page for more details.

Need any help?

You can learn how to configure Ebert to better review your codebase by checking our documentation.


Ebert is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms, privacy, and support documentation.

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